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Professional Sales

Professional Sales is a course focused on the exercise of making sales and understanding customer behaviors.  


DEP Certification:


  • Top Canadian Teachers who are experts in the Canadian market!
  • Several Locations to Serve You
  • Partnership with Quebec School Board
  • 4 Weeks of Internship in a Canadian Company
  • 2 Days of Traditional Lectures and 1 Day Mentorship per Week for 10 Months
  • Eligible for Aide Financiaire aux Etudes Loans & Bursaries
    (Full -Time for 14 Months)

Professional Sales with Full-Time Loans and Bursaries for 14 Months

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When: New Classes Every Month!

Duration: 14 Months (1 Lecture 1 Mentoship Per Week)

Seats: 36


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3285 Cavendish Blvd Unit 355, Montreal, Quebec H4B 2L9
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